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いせ源外観あんこう鍋 IMG_20150409_131105IMG_20150409_131116 IMG_20150409_131141

Old restrant in KANDA.

This restrant starts in 1830(Tenpo,EDO).

The most famous menu is Anko-nabe(Anglerfish in a pot).

You can eat Anko-nabe all season.

But,I’m so sorry.These photos are lunch menu.

Lunch menu are also Anko.

For example Anko-Yanagawa(boiled Anko with scrambled egg)¥1,800,Anko-nioloshi(Fried Anko with grated radish)¥1,600,Anko-kara-age(Fried Anko)¥1,600


Open:11:30-14:00(L.O 13:30)17:00-22:00(L.O 21:00)

Closed in Sunday(April-November) Open everyday(October-March)